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Newsline: Demonstrators Attack Belarusian Embassy in Kyrgyzstan

Demonstrators in Bishkek, furious that Minsk is ignoring demands to extradite the brother of the former president to face murder charges, roughed up the Belarusian Embassy on August 28, local news agencies reported. The Bakiyevs were ousted in bloody street riots in April 2010, when Kurmanbek fled to Belarus. Bishkek has repeatedly requested his extradition, though the ex-autocrat is said to have scored Belarusian citizenship and a $2-million home in the capital. Upwards of 50 people, including relatives of those who died on April 7, 2010, attacked the embassy, Radio Azattyk reported, breaking windows and destroying furniture. Janysh, his brother’s security boss, is accused of giving orders to fire on the crowd as Bakiyev clung to power, resulting in about 90 dead and hundreds wounded. Bishkek is trying the brothers in absentia. Ambassador Viktor Denisenko met protestors and made some vague promises. Despite the violence, Minsk says it has no plans to recall its ambassador from Kyrgyzstan. Bishkek yanked its ambassador out of Belarus last week and has turned to the Commonwealth of Independent States, a group of post-Soviet states, to lean on Minsk to help with its extradition request.


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