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Newsline: Former US Embassy security chief sentencing put off to June 10

The former security chief at the United States Embassy in Kingston who pleaded guilty to accepting bribes from a Jamaican entertainer is to wait awhile longer to know his fate. David Rainsberger should have been sentenced on Friday, but the hearing was put off. The matter had to be put off because the defense layer told the court the time was not convenient and asked for the sentencing to be rescheduled. The sentencing has now been set for June 10. Rainsberger is facing a total of seven years in prison for pleading guilty to receiving unlawful gratuities and making false statements to US authorities. He made the admission in February. Court records reveal that the former security chief befriended the well-known entertainer, identified only as DB. The entertainer had been barred from entering the US because of allegations of criminal conduct. Rainsberger’s investigation of the entertainer resulted in the reinstatement of DB’s visa. In return for his assistance, court records say he received two luxury watches from the entertainer as well as a birthday party hosted by DB and free admission to nightclubs.


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  speak wrote @

sentenced today. 366 days in prison, 1 yr parole.

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