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Newsline: Poland, Latvia Summon Russian Ambassadors

The Polish Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador to protest remarks by Russian nationalist politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Speaking on state Rossiya 24 television last week, Zhirinovsky said that Poland and the Baltic states would be “wiped out” should a war break out between Russia and the West. Polish Foreign Minister Radoslav Sikorski said the remarks were “scandalous.” He said Zhirinovsky, a lawmaker and the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, “is neither a backbencher nor a private person.” Zhirinovsky is known for his outrageous comments. Latvia’s Foreign Ministry also summoned Russian Ambassador to Latvia Alexander Veshnyakov after a politician in Russia said the Baltics and Poland would be ‘annihilated.’ But Ambassador Veshnyakov said Zhirinovsky’s views did not mirror Russia’s official stance on the issue.


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