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Newsline: United States plans to relocate Tallinn embassy

The United States Embassy in Estonia is planning to move from its current location in Kentamanni Street in central Tallinn, to a site on the corner of Väike- and Suur-Ameerika, behind the so-called superministry. Speculation on if, when and where the embassy would move has been ongoing for several years. Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Reinsalu (Isamaa) confirmed that the U.S. Embassy has expressed an interest in moving to the site and plans to do so, ERR’s online news in Estonian reports. “The government decided the transfer of the properties to the [state real estate firm] RKAS. This is quite a technical decision by its nature, but is actually very important because it addresses real estate questions concerning both the U.S. and Estonia’s embassies, in Tallinn and Washington respectively,” Reinsalu commented. (https://news.err.ee/1110789/united-states-plans-to-relocate-tallinn-embassy) “The U.S. Embassy has been looking for an alternative location in Tallinn for years and now there’s hope that we manage to find the solution between the countries step-by-step. The discussions about the embassy building on Suur-Ameerika street are in the works.” Estonia in turn will look for a permanent solution for plans to extend their embassy territory in the United States. Their current embassy is under renovation and Estonia is now after rooms which would be assigned as residence of the ambassador, allowing for receptions to be conducted in the U.S., making this deal a real estate trade between the two countries.

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