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Newsline: Turkish embassy in Ethiopia forced to move to Kenya over insecurity

Turkey’s embassy in Ethiopia has had to move to Kenya due to mounting ‘drone threats’ to the consulate. A drone strike on a flour mill in May Tsebri, a town in the northwest of Ethiopia (Tigray region), reportedly killed 17 people on Monday January 10 and injured dozens more, according to eyewitnesses. The sale of drones turned the tide of war in Ethiopia. There have been widespread rumours that the Ethiopian government bought drones from Turkey. The rumours intensified once it was reported that Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visited Turkey and met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan twice in the past six months. As the threat to the embassy increased, activities were stopped and Embassy employees have been working from Kenya since, about 1 month. (https://www.pulselive.co.ke/news/turkish-embassy-in-ethiopia-forced-to-move-to-kenya-over-insecurity/0z42d2z) Ethiopia has been ravaged by a war that broke out between Tigrayan forces and federal troops 14 months ago. Fighting has caused a humanitarian crisis in Tigray with allegations of atrocities leveled against all parties in the conflict.

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