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Newsline: Ukraine embassy calls on Canada to send weapons

The Ukrainian Embassy in Ottawa put out a statement on Friday calling for more action, quickly. “We have hundreds of Russian tanks and armoured vehicles deployed along the Ukrainian border and in the occupied parts of Ukraine’s territory. Facing the risk of a further Russian invasion, we need to defend our land. The U.K. and the U.S. have already shipped the military equipment and we would appreciate if Canada follows suit,” says the statement. (https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/ukraine-embassy-calls-on-canada-to-send-weapons-sanction-russia-after-120m-loan-announced) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced in a press conference on Friday that Canada was giving Ukraine a $120-million loan to help support its “economic resilience and development.” This measure comes on the heels of Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly’s visit in Ukraine this week. here is one condition attached to Canada’s loan, stressed a Liberal source familiar with the matter: Ukraine cannot buy any weapons or military equipment with the money.

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