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Newsline: Top Russian diplomat says ‘we don’t want a war’

A top Russian diplomat said on Russian radio Friday the country does not want to go to war in Ukraine. “There won’t be a war as far as it depends on the Russian Federation. We don’t want a war,” Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview, The Associated Press reported. “But we won’t let our interests be rudely trampled on and ignored.” Lavrov contends Western countries are breaking international agreements that state the security of one country can not happen to the detriment of another, according to the AP. “It will be hard for them to wiggle out from answering why they aren’t fulfilling the obligations sealed by their leaders not to strengthen their security at the expense of others,” Lavrov said. (https://thehill.com/policy/international/russia/591770-top-russian-diplomat-we-dont-want-a-war) The U.S. and NATO have said Russia’s demands are non-starters in negotiations and their position on those matters will not change. The U.S. offered other solutions such as limiting military drills and deployment of missiles.

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