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Newsline: Top US diplomat in Ukraine performing several balancing acts at once

Kristina Kvien has a lot on her hands. She’s the acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, or chargé d’affaires. She’s been staying on top of the crisis created by Russia deploying some 130,000 troops near the country. That carries with it the implicit threat of invasion if Moscow doesn’t get its way. “It’s a concerning situation,” she told Fox News, “because we’ve also seen very strong rhetoric from the Russians, and we have also seen their demands.” (https://www.foxnews.com/world/top-us-diplomat-in-ukraine-performing-several-balancing-acts-at-once) In the last few days, she’s been in charge of lowering the U.S. diplomatic profile in Kyiv, arranging for the evacuation of families of embassy workers as well as some non-essential employees. It’s been branded by the Ukrainian government as premature. The acting ambassador stands by it. She also has to straddle a fine line with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy. He’s been saying that the U.S. is exaggerating the risk of a Russian invasion. Over the weekend, the White House called for greater clarity from Zelenskyy. Officials said while he’s “talking down” the incursion risk and “talking up” U.S. military aid.

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