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Newsline: Brother of Canadian embassy worker in Kabul killed in Afghanistan

A former employee of Canada’s embassy in Kabul who made it safely to this country in August says his brother, whom he wanted to bring here as well, has been killed in Afghanistan. The embassy employee said he was evacuated to Canada through the special immigration program set up for those who had assisted the Canadian government in Afghanistan. The program covered family members as well, but he was unable to bring his family with him to Canada because their paperwork was incomplete. He said he found out last week that one of his brothers had been killed. (https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-brother-of-canadian-embassy-worker-in-kabul-staff-killed-in/) The Globe and Mail is not identifying the former employee because he fears for his family’s safety in Afghanistan. He said his brother had been missing for more than a month and that another, older brother found him by sifting through countless frozen bodies at a hospital. Hospital staff told his brother that many of the dead came from a Taliban prison, he said, adding that he is 90-per-cent sure the Taliban killed him.

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