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Newsline: U.S. diplomats possibly affected by electromagnetic energy seen as ‘plausible’ cause for ‘Havana Syndrome’

An external energy source plausibly could be the cause for a series of disorienting and sometimes debilitating symptoms experienced by U.S. diplomats and other government personnel, a panel of experts announced Wednesday. In a report released Wednesday, the expert panel, convened by U.S. intelligence agencies said the symptoms described in these Anomalous Health Incidents, also known as “Havana Syndrome,” are common in known medical conditions. But the combination of “four core characteristics” is unique and make it unlikely to be caused by a neurological disorder, the report said. (https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2022/02/02/electromagnetic-energy-cause-havana-syndrome/6111643839637/) The panel, composed of experts from within and outside the U.S. government with backgrounds in in science, medicine and engineering, was tasked with examining the cases dating to 2016 that have affected personnel at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba, followed by reports from personnel in China and eventually hundreds of people at official posts throughout the world. In its examination, the panel examined four “core characteristics” of symptoms that “were particularly difficult to explain through other means” such as sound or pressure in the ears, “nearly simultaneous” symptoms including vertigo, loss of balance and ear pain, “a strong sense of locality or directionality” among those symptoms, and absence of known environmental or medical conditions that may have caused the symptoms. Additionally, the panel examined the plausibility of five “potential causal mechanisms” for the symptoms, including acoustic signals, chemical and biological agents, ionizing radiation, natural and environmental factors and radio frequency and other electromagnetic energy. Pulsed electromagnetic energy “plausibly explains the core characteristics,” according to the panel’s findings.

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