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Newsline: China’s UK embassy reiterates Argentina claim over Falkland Islands

China has stepped up pressure on Britain over the Falklands, insisting London respond to Argentina’s latest demand that it relinquish control of the islands, known as Las Malvinas in Spanish. The Chinese embassy in Britain on Tuesday reiterated Beijing’s stance, a day after a furious response from London to a joint statement from President Xi Jinping and his Argentinian counterpart Alberto Fernandez which called for Argentina to be given “the full exercise of sovereignty” over the islands. (https://finance.yahoo.com/news/chinas-uk-embassy-stokes-argentina-093000994.html) A statement from the embassy said China’s position on the issue of the Malvinas Islands had been consistent. “We firmly support Argentina’s legitimate claim to full sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands. China has always advocated that territorial disputes between countries should be resolved through peaceful negotiations in accordance with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter,” it said. “We hope that the UK will respond positively to Argentina’s request, start dialogue and negotiation as soon as possible, and find a peaceful, just and lasting solution in accordance with relevant UN resolutions.” Xi and Fernandez raised the Falklands issue after talks in Beijing on the weekend, stirring simmering tensions between China and Britain, over the diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics as well as the Aukus deal to help Australia acquire nuclear submarines.

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