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Newsline: The United States is moving Ukraine embassy stores to the border with Poland

Due to the tense situation in the Ukraine conflict, the United States is moving the business of its embassy from the Ukrainian capital of Kiev to the city of Lviv (Limberg) near the border with Poland. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said this was a temporary precaution. The US Embassy will continue to work with the Ukrainian government. “We are also continuing our intensive diplomatic efforts to de-escalate the crisis,” he added. In no way will the “precautionary measures” undermine US support for Ukraine. Our commitment to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine is unwavering.” (https://www.thewestonforum.com/the-united-states-is-moving-embassy-stores-to-the-border-with-poland/) The US State Department had already said that the number of embassy staff in Kiev would be reduced “to the absolute minimum”. A small number of employees will be transferred to Lviv in the west of the country. In the city near the Polish border, consular services will still be offered for emergencies. The US State Department had already ordered the diplomats’ families to leave the US embassy in Kiev at the end of January. It was also said at the time that employees who were not immediately needed could leave the country voluntarily.

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