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Newsline: Ukraine Summons Israeli Ambassador

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has summoned Israel’s ambassador to Kyiv to demand an explanation, following Israeli media reports that Jerusalem requested Moscow’s assistance in evacuating its citizens from Ukraine in case of war. Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine Michael Brodsky attended the meeting at the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry on Thursday, where according to Jerusalem he explained that Israel had two goals in the conversation with Russian officials: To urge deescalation and to express concern for Israeli diplomats and citizens. According to a source, the ministry was upset by a report on the Walla news site that Foreign Ministry Director-General Alon Ushpiz spoke with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov with a request to establish humanitarian corridors for the safe exit of Israeli citizens and diplomats. “You are treating us like what? The Gaza Strip or something? It’s just nonsense,” the source told Haaretz. “The ambassador will be called to the ministry to give an explanation.” (https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/you-re-treating-us-like-gaza-furious-ukraine-summons-israeli-ambassador-1.10618462) Israel is currently attempting to balance its relations with both Russia and Ukraine. Israel’s Foreign Ministry declared a state of emergency on Saturday and urged the estimated 15,000 Israelis in Ukraine to leave as soon as possible, adding that it also anticipated an increase in immigration requests from the local Jewish community.

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