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Newsline: Israel embassy in Kyiv moving to Lviv

Israel’s Foreign Ministry announced on Monday that it is moving its embassy staff in Ukraine from the capital of Kyiv to the western city of Lviv as the threat of a Russian invasion looms. Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister Yair Lapid decided to move the embassy staff after the ministry had conducted a a situation assessment and consulted with “various international actors.” According to the ministry, Israel’s consular office in Lviv has been working to provide travel documents for Israeli citizens. “The Foreign Ministry is prepared for any development, including the possibility of a land exit,” said the ministry. “Within this framework, Israeli diplomats stationed in Lviv as well as those serving in Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, and Hungary have held visits to border crossings with Ukraine, and meetings with the authorities at the crossings, in order to ensure the passage of Israeli citizens who wish to leave Ukraine.” (https://thehill.com/policy/international/595183-israel-embassy-kyiv-moving-to-lviv) The U.S. a week ago also made the decision to close down its embassy in Kyiv and move operations to Lviv.

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