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Newsline: High alert warning to China citizens in Ukraine but no leave order

Beijing has issued a heightened security alert to its citizens in Ukraine, warning them to stock up on food and daily necessities after Russia announced it was sending troops to the Eastern European country’s breakaway regions. The Chinese embassy in Ukraine issued a notice on Tuesday morning upon “major changes on the situation in Eastern Ukraine”. “The embassy would remind Chinese citizens and companies in Ukraine to be aware of the local safety warnings and not to head to the unstable regions,” it said. “There is a need to be more alert of safety risks and to stock up food, water and daily necessities when needed,” the embassy said, adding that China’s citizens in Ukraine should stay connected to local Chinese associations, student unions and chambers of commerce in case they need help. (https://finance.yahoo.com/news/high-alert-warning-china-citizens-093000945.html) The Chinese embassy did not ask its citizens to leave Ukraine, despite a number of other missions – including the US, Australia, Japan, South Korea – giving such instructions more than a week ago, while also moving their diplomats out of the country.

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