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Newsline: Chinese Embassy is coordinating to evacuate its citizens from Ukraine

Chinese Embassy is coordinating to evacuate its citizens from Ukraine, including by conducting organized evacuations from the country and working with embassies in other countries on customs clearances, as the Russian invasion in Ukraine continues. In a notice posted on the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine’s website on Monday, the embassy said a handful of countries “are temporarily exempt from visas for those who leave Ukraine with valid passports.” Those countries include Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary. “Our embassy has coordinated with the embassies in Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland to facilitate customs clearance for my citizens who travel from Ukraine to the above-mentioned countries,” the notice said, further providing numbers for citizens to reach out to if they have concerns on entering the neighboring countries. (https://news.yahoo.com/china-evacuating-citizens-ukraine-152432510.html) Organized evacuations have also been facilitated by the embassy, including 400 Chinese citizens taken by bus from Odessa on Monday and 200 from Kyiv, The Washington Post reported. Eighteen buses have been hired by the embassy for the evacuations, according to the Post. More Chinese citizens were expected to be taken out of the country on Tuesday, including about 900 from Kyiv and between 700 and 800 from Odessa.

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