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Newsline: Polish ambassador last to remain in Kyiv

Some members of Kyiv’s diplomatic corps have moved to the western city of Lviv, others have crossed the border and are working from neighbouring countries, while most havebeen evacuated back home. But inside the Polish embassy compound in the centre of an eerily quiet Kyiv, the ambassador Bartosz Cichocki is still at work. “It was rather 24/7,” he said, of his working week since the Russian attack on Ukraine began. (https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/mar/03/we-can-influence-morale-bartosz-cichocki-polish-ambassador-last-to-remain-in-kyiv) Dressed in chinos and a Shakhtar Donetsk football shirt, Cichocki offered whiskey and cigarettes to his visitors in a meeting room at the embassy, a Soviet modernist building in central Kyiv. He is the only remaining EU ambassador in the capital and one of just a handful of western diplomats of any rank remaining in Kyiv, but answered questions about his continued presence with studied nonchalance. He conceded he would leave if he was ordered to do so by his foreign ministry, but doubted such an order was imminent.

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