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Newsline: Former UK diplomat discusses ‘main weapon’ West has to stop Russian war on Ukraine

Former British Ambassador to the US, Sir Christopher Meyer sat down on GB News to talk about ways to slow Putin down. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been waging war on neighbouring Ukraine and has been facing ongoing global political backlash which has led to damaging economic sanctions on the Russian economy. The Russian Ruble took a crash due to those sanctions, and many more Western companies have banned Russians from using their services. Mr Meyer said: “Well at the moment it is the main weapon that we in the West have at our disposal from stopping Putin from doing what he’s doing right now. “We had hope that the threat of sanctions will be a sufficient deterrent to stop him invading Ukraine. “But he clearly priced in some form of sanctions already and was determined to go ahead. Mr Meyer added: “Because what we’re doing at the moment is clearly not enough. “Having said that, this is not sanctions, economic measures don’t bring results. “And I think the best that we can hope, and let’s just put it as crudely as necessary, is to slow strangulation of the Putin regime leading to a situation in which his own people will say to him… This is enough we need another leader, get out.” (https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1576048/Former-Diplomat-Ukraine-Putin-Economy-Ruble-Gas-Oil-Invasion-War-Zelensky-Banks-Money-VN) Foreign Secretary for the UK, Liz Truss has been working tirelessly for the past two weeks to impose financial sanctions on Russia.

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