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Newsline: Chinese students who fled Ukraine criticise embassy response

Almost two weeks before Russia acted – described by the Chinese media as “special military operations” – countries including the UK and Canada advised their nationals to leave Ukraine. But in the case of China, which had nearly 6,000 nationals in the country, it was not until the day after the war broke out that the embassy advised its citizens to leave. China said on Monday most of its nationals had left Ukraine. At the annual press conference with Chinese and foreign journalists in Beijing on the same day, the foreign minister, Wang Yi, told millions of its citizens abroad that the country “is always at your back” in answering a question from the Xinhua news agency. (https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/mar/08/chinese-students-fled-ukraine-condemn-embassy-response) However, while state media praised the diplomatic mission for its work, its response since the war has also drawn much criticism from some Ukraine-based Chinese students, who spent days trapped in bomb shelters in a war-stricken foreign country. They say the embassy’s slow advice and confusing messaging – including advising them to display a Chinese flag on their vehicles, then a day later telling them “not to display identifying symbols” – contrasted with the image of order and control Beijing had been trying to project over the years.

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