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Archive for March 10, 2022

Newsline: Albanian consulate destroyed in Ukraine

Russian missiles demolished the Albanian honorary consulate in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. The consulate issued an announcement about the attack, confirming its staff was safe and there had been no casualties. (https://www.euractiv.com/section/politics/short_news/russian-strike-in-ukraine-destroys-albanian-consulate/) The Albanian foreign ministry condemned the attack on Twitter. Russia added Albania to its ‘enemy list’, along with Montenegro and North Macedonia. It accuses the three countries of actions against the Kremlin. The list also includes the EU, the US, as well as Britain, Canada, Australia, Japan, Switzerland and New Zealand.

Newsline: Ukraine’s diplomat wants Russian ambassador expelled from Australia

Ukraine’s representative in Australia says Russia will not win the war while Ukrainians are determined to fight for their freedom, while adding that he would like to see Russia’s ambassador to Australia sent packing. In a speech to the National Press Club Ukraine’s Charge d’Affaires in Australia, Volodymyr Shalkivskyi, spoke about how the people who have stayed in his home country are determined to beat back the Russian invasion in whatever way they can. “As everyone government you need to have a line of communication, but again I’m not in the position to be diplomatically polite,” he said. (https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-03-10/ukraine-volodymyr-shalkivskyi-russia-war-invasion/100898906) Mr Shalkivskyi called for Australia to expel the Russian ambassador, saying although his job was to be diplomatic, the personal nature of the conflict was making it hard.

Newsline: UK Urges Ex-Myanmar Ambassador To Leave London Home Citing Junta ‘Pressure’

Britain has urged Myanmar’s former ambassador to leave the official London residence where he has continued to live since he was ousted for criticising last year’s military coup, citing pressure from the junta, according to emails seen by Reuters. Kyaw Zwar Minn was locked out of his embassy last April by his own staff after calling for the release of Myanmar’s civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi, detained alongside most of her government in the Feb. 1 coup. The coup sparked international outrage, sanctions against Myanmar’s military, including from Britain, and a mass uprising in which hundreds have been killed. Since his ouster, Kyaw Zwar Minn has stayed at the northwest London residence, a mansion surrounded by razor wire and CCTV cameras, refusing to hand it back to the embassy which he says is now run by representatives of an illegitimate government. “We are under considerable pressure from the military regime to resolve the issue of your continued presence in the Myanmar Residence,” a senior foreign office official said in an email sent to Kyaw Zwar Minn. (https://www.ibtimes.com/exclusive-uk-urges-ex-myanmar-ambassador-leave-london-home-citing-junta-pressure-3432152) The correspondence, which dates back to October last year, repeatedly urges Kyaw Zwar Minn to leave the house, saying his presence there poses legal problems for Britain and risks to its staff in Myanmar.

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Newsline: No breakthrough on ending war in Ukraine-Russia talks between top diplomats

Ukraine’s foreign minister said talks between the top diplomats of Moscow and Kyiv produced no breakthrough on ending the war following Russia’s invasion. Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba said he attended the meeting on Thursday with Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Turkey to discuss humanitarian corridors and a ceasefire. Mr Kuleba said there are “other decision-makers” in Russia who need to be consulted, adding that he agreed with Mr Lavrov to continue to seek a solution to humanitarian issues caused by the war. He said Moscow is not ready to offer a ceasefire, adding: “They seek Ukraine’s surrender. This is not going to happen.” (https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/no-breakthrough-on-ending-war-in-ukraine-russia-talks-between-top-diplomats/ar-AAUSK0E) Mr Kuleba said “the last thing” he wanted was to kill hope for Ukrainians seeking safe passage out of cities besieged by Russian bombardments and attacks.

Newsline: Polish ambassador says Ukrainian no-fly zone would end war quicker

Imposing a no-fly zone over Ukraine would help bring the conflict there to a faster conclusion and save lives, the Polish ambassador to Kyiv said on Thursday, as Russia continued a relentless bombardment of several cities. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has been pleading for NATO to impose a no-fly zone, but the alliance is wary of any step that might draw it into direct conflict with Russia. “Every day of delay costs hundreds of human lives,” Bartosz Cichocki told private broadcaster TVN24 from Kyiv. “This is an extension of the conflict that could be ended much faster precisely thanks to the closure of the airspace.” (https://news.yahoo.com/ukrainian-no-fly-zone-end-082336286.html) The United States on Tuesday rejected a surprise offer by Poland to transfer its Russian-made MiG-29 fighter jets to a U.S. base in Germany and put them at the disposal of the United States as a way to replenish Ukraine’s air force.

Newsline: North Korea Embassy protests raid by Islamabad police

The Embassy of North Korea in Islamabad has lodged a protest with the chief of the Pakistani capital city’s police over a raid at its premises earlier this week, saying the incident was a violation of the Vienna Convention, Dawn new reported. In a letter on Wednesday addressed to the Inspector General of Islamabad Police, the Embassy said seven police personnel including a woman, made an “unlawful entry” into its premises on Monday. “The mission staff reminded them that the premises of the embassy are sovereign territory of DPRK and asked them to immediately stop this brutal act,” it said. “But the police ignored the request, searched the storerooms at the backyard on the pretext of seizing some items and threatened the staff with guns.” (https://www.msn.com/en-in/news/world/north-korea-embassy-protests-raid-by-islamabad-police/ar-AAURfTp) DPRK stands for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the official name of the North. The police officials damaged the door and broke into a room in the basement, Dawn new quoted the letter as saying. A source at Shalimar police station said the raid was carried out after a tip-off that a “huge quantity of liquor” was present at the embassy.

Newsline: Cubans Protest at Havana Embassy as Panama Tightens Visa Requirements

Upwards of 400 Cubans, many holding passports and plane tickets, gathered at Panama´s embassy in Havana on Wednesday protesting new visa requirements that hinder those in a growing wave of migrants hoping to pass through the Central American nation and north to the United States. Several protesters told Reuters they had already booked flights for the coming days, only to awaken this morning to the decision by Panama to require a “transit” visa for any Cuban arriving at the Panama City airport. The crowd chanted “We want a response, we want a response” behind a police cordon. Late in the afternoon, the embassy released a statement on social media clarifying the visa requirement would come into effect beginning Sunday. (https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2022-03-09/cubans-protest-at-havana-embassy-as-panama-tightens-visa-requirements) The embassy told passengers scheduled on flights to Panama between March 13 and the end of the month to rebook for a later date to allow time to apply for the $50 visa. Demand for flights from Havana to cities in Central America has soared after Nicaragua in November lifted visa requirements for Cuban nationals. This opened a new avenue for migration north to Mexico and the United States. Most direct flights are sold out, leaving multi-stop flights through neighboring countries as the only option for many Cubans.