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Newsline: Twitter Deletes Tweets From Russian Embassies

Russian embassies around the world have spent the past day on Twitter and Instagram harassing a pregnant Ukrainian woman who appeared in photos published around the world after she was injured in an attack by the Russian military on Wednesday. The woman was in a maternity ward when it was shelled by Russian forces, something the Russian government denies. In fact, the Russian government has even started to spread conspiracy theories that the pregnant woman was part of a false flag attack. The Russian embassy in London tweeted photos of the aftermath with the word “FAKE” over it, claiming that the maternity hospital was “non-operational” and actually housed “neo-Nazi” soldiers from the Azov Battalion. Ukraine denies staging anything and said the attack on the hospital was an act of genocide. A second tweet by the Russian embassy on Thursday said that the pregnant victim was “played” by a beauty blogger. Believe it or not, beauty bloggers also get pregnant and need to go to maternity hospitals for care. The conspiracy theory tweets by the Russian embassy helped spur harassment of the woman on Instagram. (https://gizmodo.com/twitter-deletes-tweets-from-russian-propaganda-channels-1848638433) Both tweets by the Russian embassy in the UK have been deleted by Twitter for spreading misinformation.

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