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Newsline: China harks back to Belgrade embassy bombing after Nato cites its ‘obligation’ on Ukraine

Beijing has compared the Russian invasion of Ukraine with the bombing of its embassy in Yugoslavia by Nato forces decades ago, in response to the Nato chief saying China should condemn Russia. The Chinese diplomatic mission in the European Union said that Chinese people could fully relate to the suffering of other countries because “we will never forget who bombed our embassy in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia”. “We need no lecture on justice from the abuser of international law,” it said. (https://finance.yahoo.com/news/china-harks-back-belgrade-embassy-093000461.html) Its statement referred to the intervention in Yugoslavia by Nato in 1999, when five US bombs hit the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. Three Chinese journalists were killed. Bill Clinton, the US president at that time, apologised for the bombing and said it was an accident, while the Chinese government said it was a “barbarian act”.

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