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Newsline: Yemen ambassador to Tehran accuses Arab countries of being US tools

Yemen’s ambassador to Tehran has denounced certain regional Arab regimes’ subservience to the United States, saying that they act to facilitate US plots in the region. “Some Arab and Muslim countries have become a tool in the hands of the US to implement its agendas” across the region, Ibrahim al-Deilami made the remarks in an exclusive interview with Press TV on Saturday. (https://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2022/03/20/678861/Yemen-ambassador-Tehran-interview-Press-TV) Many regional Arab regimes have been trying hard to ingratiate themselves with the US by hosting American troops, allowing their soils to be used as launching pads for attacks on their fellow regional nations, the Yemeni envoy said. Deilami added that some Arab governments in the region have even entered US-facilitated normalization agreements with the Israeli regime, which is Washington’s biggest ally in the region. The US, in turn, has been providing arms as well as logistical and political support for a 2015-present Saudi Arabia-led war on Yemen, which has killed thousands of Yemenis.

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