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Newsline: Musical battle in Montreal between city councillor and Russian consulate

Every day around noon , Montreal city councillor Serge Sasseville walks from his home to the front gate of the Russian consulate across the street. He raises a speaker in front of him and presses play. Three times, he blasts the Ukrainian national anthem towards Russia’s diplomats. Between every song, he yells slogans in support of Ukraine or against Russia such as “Slava Ukraini” (glory to Ukraine), “Stop Putin now” or “Stop the war.” “I found a sung version of the Ukrainian anthem, so I go to the main door of the Russian consulate with my iPhone and a Bose speaker, I obviously put the volume to the maximum and I play it,” Sasseville said during an interview. But on Friday, the consulate seemingly decided to fight back. When Sasseville began his daily musical ritual, he says Russia’s employees fired back with a song of their own through a speaker built into the fence in front of their building. “They played some music I did not recognize full blast in an attempt to cover me up. So, I put my hand on top of their speaker and I kept playing music,” Sasseville said with a laugh. “I found that really special, we’ve gotten to the point of trying to musically censor me.” (https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/in-montreal-a-musical-battle-is-brewing-between-a-city-councillor-and-the-russian-consulate-across-the-street-from-his-home) On social media, Sasseville posted a picture showing the intercom speaker on the consulate’s fence he says was used to “perturb” his daily musical ritual. The intercom is surrounded by red paint thrown by protesters earlier in the week. Consulate staff did not respond to emailed questions from National Post.

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