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Newsline: US ambassador to Germany slams China over Ukraine stance

The new US ambassador to Germany on Monday accused China of taking President Vladimir Putin’s side in the Ukraine conflict as Beijing refuses to condemn Russia over the crisis. “President Xi (Jinping) says he’s being neutral in this conflict. There is no neutrality in this conflict,” said Amy Gutmann, who was confirmed as the US ambassador under President Joe Biden last month after tumultuous years with Donald Trump’s envoy. “Not to denounce Mr Putin’s aggression as aggression… is taking a side. China is taking Mr Putin’s side in this conflict,” Gutmann told journalists at the US embassy in Berlin. (https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/us-ambassador-to-germany-slams-china-over-ukraine-stance/ar-AAVkUlN) Gutmann, 72, the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, was confirmed as the new ambassador to Germany by the US Senate in February. The United States had previously been represented in Berlin by Trump ally Richard Grenell, who raised hackles in Germany with a combative approach, including vowing to empower anti-establishment right-wingers in Europe.

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