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Newsline: Russia vows harsh response to Poland’s expulsion of diplomats

Russian officials vowed a hurtful response after Poland decided to expel 45 diplomats from the country, Reuters reported. Russia’s foreign ministry on Thursday called Poland’s move “a conscious step towards the final destruction of bilateral relations, the dismantling of which our Polish ‘partners’ have been systematically carrying out for a long time.” “Russia will not leave this hostile attack without a response, which will make Polish provocateurs think and will hurt them,” Russia’s foreign ministry added, according to the wire service. (https://news.yahoo.com/russia-vows-harsh-response-polands-175106802.html) Poland announced on Wednesday that it has expelled Russian diplomats from the country on suspicion of working for Russian intelligence, Reuters reported. Russia’s ambassador to Poland Sergey Andreev said the country also blocked the embassy’s bank accounts because they could be used for money-laundering or terrorist finance, according to Reuters.

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