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Newsline: Russia’s top diplomat to visit India

Russia’s foreign minister will visit India for a two-day visit beginning Thursday, officials said, likely to press New Delhi to resist Western pressure to condemn the Ukraine invasion. (https://www.ibtimes.com/russias-lavrov-visit-india-pressure-over-ukraine-builds-3455457) India has abstained from UN resolutions censuring Russia and continues to buy Russian oil and other goods. US President Joe Biden last week described India as “somewhat shaky” on Russia. Sergei Lavrov’s trip coincides with visits by British foreign secretary Liz Truss and Daleep Singh, Washington’s chief sanctions strategist. Truss and Singh, the US Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economics, were expected to urge India to assist in Western efforts to isolate Russia economically. Singh “will consult closely with (Indian) counterparts on the consequences of Russia’s unjustified war against Ukraine and mitigating its impact on the global economy,” the White House said. Lavrov was due to arrive in India from China, which has also refused to condemn the invasion and has provided a level of diplomatic cover for an increasingly isolated Russia.

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