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Newsline: U.S. marines at consulate in Shanghai are not out of food

Serious concerns were sparked recently after reports that Marine security guards at the U.S. Consulate in Shanghai were running out of food following the country’s latest coronavirus lockdown. An embassy employee was seen posting on a private WeChat platform, asking for spare food for the seven U.S. Marines there, according to a recent report by Reuters. But while the Marines’ alleged pleas were answered and they were “beyond grateful,” another consulate staff member reported online, a Marine official told Marine Corps Times that although the intentions of the embassy employees were good, the situation was blown out of proportion and was ultimately misrepresented. “The Marines have two weeks worth of MREs and water, commercial non-perishable goods, and eggs and perishable items,” the official said, “The Marines are fine.” (https://news.yahoo.com/marines-embassy-shanghai-not-food-092716155.html) The official’s comments were also later confirmed by an official statement from a State Department spokesperson. “The MSGs have been and continue to be supported and adequately provided for by Post and State,” the spokesperson said. “There are no confirmed reports of shortages.” The latest coronavirus lockdown in Shanghai has been the source of serious controversy worldwide, as one of the more strict guidelines stipulates that infected children will be separated from uninfected parents. The policy is also responsible for forcing nearly all of its 26 million residents to stay home, meaning that food delivery services and shopping are almost entirely impossible.

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