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Newsline: Chinese embassy fury over claims in Israel of Passover gift bug

The Chinese embassy in Israel is fuming over “baseless rumours” that a listening device was concealed among Passover gifts delivered to Israeli government officials. In a statement on Tuesday night, the embassy hit back at “faulty” media reporting that the gifts – a customary diplomatic practice for the holiday – included a thermal mug that “may” contain “a suspicious device”. “The baseless rumours have a severe impact as they aim to drive a wedge between China and Israel, tarnish China’s image and seriously mislead the public,” the embassy said. (https://finance.yahoo.com/news/chinese-embassy-fury-over-false-093000974.html) The embassy’s angry response followed local media reports on Tuesday which quoted sources raising doubts about the gifts which were delivered to ministries responsible for science and transport. Israel’s security agency also issued a statement on Tuesday in response to the reports, confirming there were no suspicious components in the mugs.

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