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Newsline: Singaporeans in Shanghai getting help on essential items from Consulate

Singaporeans in locked down Shanghai have been receiving help from the Singapore Consulate-General amid a surge in the COVID-19 pandemic. In a media statement, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) spokesperson said the Singapore Consulate-General in Shanghai has been reaching out to Singaporeans during the lockdown in Shanghai and is in touch with the local authorities. The Consulate-General has been helping Singaporeans in the Chinese city to source for essential supplies or replenish medication, send food packs to those who are unable to obtain food on their own, and facilitate exit permits for Singaporeans to return to Singapore for urgent reasons. “Singaporeans who can still access delivery services may try purchasing essential supplies through online applications and participating in group buys within their residential compounds,” MFA said. (https://news.yahoo.com/singaporeans-shanghai-help-essential-items-consulate-general-mfa-142351497.html) The statement comes as Shanghai continues to maintain its draconian two-week lockdown with millions of residents unable to leave their homes and workers stuck in their workplaces. While the authorities have been sending food and other necessities to residents, many have complained that the supplies have been poorly organised and erratic.

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