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Newsline: Ukraine flag projected on Russian embassy in D.C.

There was a geopolitical light show in D.C. where protesters projected the Ukraine flag onto the side of the Russian embassy. Footage making the rounds on social media also show a white spotlight, seemingly coming from embassy grounds, being used to white out that flag. A voice off-camera can be heard saying, “They’re trying to drown you out!” prompting the projectionist to move the Ukrainian flag all around the front of the embassy while the white spotlight tried to keep up. The Washington Post reports that the Ukrainian flag was beamed onto the embassy from across the street using 14 theater stage lights. (https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ny-ukraine-flag-russian-embassy-dc-20220414-cxmvpp3s7jeoxc6j3blkkrsyve-story.html) A similar protest against took place last month in Portugal when anti-war protestors shone a Ukrainian flag onto the Russian embassy in Lisbon.

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