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Newsline: The United Nations seen outliving its usefulness

The world keeps the current UN security system at great cost – both in money and human suffering. Beyond the UN’s massive operating budget of some $50 billion – of which the US, the largest contributor, pays 22% or about $10 billion – there is also a “Peacekeeping” budget of $6.37 billion, of which the US pays about $1.65 billion. This funds the current 12 UN peacekeeping operations around the world, many of which have been ongoing for decades but few of which – if any – offer much hope for success in the foreseeable future. Ukrainian President Zelensky’s fiery April 5 speech to the United Nations Security Council may be the best “the emperor has no clothes!” characterization of the UN’s total impotence in resolving global crises. “So where is the security that the Security Council must guarantee? There is no security,” he said. Zelensky’s volcanic frustration is understandable: his country has been attacked without provocation by a permanent member of the Security Council – the very organ created to assure global security. Zelensky goes on to state the obvious: “I would like to remind you of the first article of the first chapter of the UN Charter. What is the purpose of our organization? To maintain peace. Now, the UN Charter is being violated literally from the first article. The UN system must be reformed immediately so that the right of veto is not a right to kill.” But failing that, as the Ukrainian president so well concludes: “If your current format is unalterable and there is simply no way out, then the only option would be to dissolve yourself altogether.” (https://news.yahoo.com/nagy-united-nations-outlived-usefulness-134002051.html) The paralysis of UN security system in the face of global crises indicates the urgent need for serious reforms.

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