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Newsline: EU, US diplomats slam China over Russia ties

The European Union and United States diplomats have slammed China for allegedly spreading “disinformation” over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, warning that tacit backing for Moscow does not come without consequences. “[Chinese] state media has parroted the Kremlin’s lies, and conspiracy theories, including absurd claims that Ukraine and Nato and the EU pose a security threat to Russia,” US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said after three days of talks with senior EU officials in Brussels about China, Nato and the Indo-Pacific. “The United States sees significant alignment between our approach and the EU’s approach to [China],” Sherman said. (https://finance.yahoo.com/news/eu-us-slam-china-over-093000390.html) This came as senior diplomats from both sides attempted to project unity on a transatlantic approach to dealing with China as they met the press on Friday. A joint EU-US statement following the talks vowed to push Chinese leaders on issues like sanctions circumvention, and “reaffirmed that such support would have consequences for our respective relationships with China”. However, Sherman and EU foreign service chief Stefano Sannino sidestepped a question from the Post about whether both sides were on the same page as to what those consequences might be. Chinese state media and official spokespersons have frequently repeated disputed claims about the Russian war, including over the presence of American bioweapons in Ukraine.

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