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Newsline: Chinese foreign ministry condemns killing of its citizens in Pakistan blast

China has condemned an attack that killed three of its citizens in Pakistan, demanding that Islamabad fight against those involved. “China expresses its strong condemnation and great indignation at this major terrorist attack,” deputy director of the Chinese foreign ministry Zhao Lijian tweeted on Wednesday. He urged Pakistani authorities to “deal with the aftermath” and “resolutely fight against terrorist organisations involved in the case”. (https://news.yahoo.com/pakistan-attack-china-condemns-killing-044918407.html) Three Chinese tutors and a Pakistani driver were killed in a suicide bombing near Karachi University’s Confucius Institute on Tuesday. The incident poses a key challenge for a government freshly-installed after weeks of political turmoil. A long time ally and key investor in the country, China is heavily involved in large development projects across Pakistan. Confucius Institutes are a key part of China’s soft diplomacy strategies across the world.

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