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Newsline: Irish reporter accuses Russian Ambassador of “taking us for fools”

Russia’s Ambassador to Ireland made a number of claims that were challenged by reporter Sarah McInerney on Thursday evening’s episode of RTÉ’s Drivetime. “Russia is not carrying a war,” Ambassador Yury Filatov told host Sarah McInerney during the roughly 20-minute interview, “Russia is carrying a special military operation in Ukraine.” Filatov went on to claim that Russia has put a “special emphasis on not targeting any civilian infrastructure” while in Ukraine. McInerney pressed Filatov on those claims, playing two separate clips of people speaking about atrocities in Ukraine. Filatov said it was a “calculated staged provocation we witnessed in Bucha. The Russian military had nothing to do with the killing of civilians.” McInerney then apologized for interrupting Filatov but said: “It’s very difficult and insulting to our listeners to hear what you are saying. “I think I have to put that to you, because you are taking us all for fools, aren’t you? “Your contention seems to be that Russia invaded Ukraine and after that point, Ukrainians, in response, started randomly killing each other, raping each other, their own citizens, in an effort to frame Russia for those crimes. “The whole world is in on this big lie, is what Russia is saying.” (https://www.irishcentral.com/news/politics/irish-reporter-russian-ambassador-fools) McInerney then told Filatov that she is not trying to blame the messenger, but that she and others increasingly feel they cannot trust the messenger, which is Filatov.

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