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Newsline: Russian Diplomats Owe New York City Over $101K for Unpaid Parking Tickets

Several Russian diplomats reportedly owe the state of New York over $101,000 in parking tickets and fees, according to a report from NBC New York. Now, the state of New York has begun to suspend vehicle registrations for diplomats who have avoided paying parking fees for years. According to New York City’s database of open parking violations, Russia reportedly has 46 unpaid parking tickets registered to diplomatic vehicles dating back to 2003 that have gone unpaid, and an NBC New York analysis of several summonses shows the fines reach $101,000. A State Department spokesperson told NBC New York that three or more unpaid parking violations cause a country’s suspension from registering any more diplomatic vehicles and licenses. NBC New York also reported that the State Department has held up at least two dozen Russian registrations. (https://www.newsweek.com/russian-diplomats-owe-new-york-city-over-101k-unpaid-parking-tickets-1702295) Russia will be unable to renew any of its diplomatic license plates in the U.S. until they pay the outstanding fees. A statement to NBC New York from the State Department also said that this treatment applies to all United Nations members who have unpaid parking tickets.

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