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Newsline: US Begins Issuing First Visas In Cuba In More Than 4 Years

The US embassy in Cuba began issuing visas on Tuesday for the first time since alleged sonic attacks against diplomatic staff more than four years ago. Washington closed its consular services in the Cuban capital in 2017 after US personnel and their families suffered from mystery illnesses subsequently known as “Havana Syndrome.” The closure was a huge blow to many Cubans hoping to emigrate to the United States and escape the economic woes of their island nation. “Welcome to the embassy after so much time,” said a Cuban employee to a small group of people waiting for their appointments in the consular section. (https://www.ibtimes.com/us-begins-issuing-first-visas-cuba-more-4-years-3492916) The United States announced two months ago it would begin a “limited” and “gradual” reopening of its embassy and consular services. It was closed in September 2017 after then-US president Donald Trump hit out at the alleged sonic attacks.

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