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Newsline: Israel embassy in Delhi on high alert amid ‘serious’ fear of Iran attack

The Israel embassy in New Delhi has reportedly been on high alert in recent weeks amid “serious” fears of a possible terror attack by Iran-backed perpetrators. (https://www.msn.com/en-in/news/world/israel-embassy-in-delhi-on-high-alert-amid-serious-fear-of-iran-attack/ar-AAX1vAT)This comes more than a year after a low-intensity IED blast outside the Israeli Embassy in Lutyens’ Delhi in January 2021. Soon after the blast, the entire area around the Israeli embassy was cordoned-off with heavy deployment of police and central paramilitary forces. The date of the blast (January 29, 2021) coincided with the completion of 29 years of diplomatic ties between India and Israel. Seven months later, intelligence agencies had issued a nationwide terror alert ahead of the Jewish holidays in September. The intel had warned that terror groups can carry out attacks like the Israel embassy blast in Delhi in January 2021.

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