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Newsline: Norway’s foreign ministry slams Afghan edict demanding women cover up

Norway has slammed the latest Afghan Taliban edict demanding women cover up head to toe in public and warned that Afghanistan’s new rulers are “steering the country toward a humanitarian, economic and human rights catastrophe.” “I am outraged by the announcement that warns that women in Afghanistan must cover their faces in public, cannot drive a car and only leave home when necessary,” a statement from Henrik Thune, Norway’s deputy foreign minister, said Sunday. Thune said the edict is “completely unacceptable” and stressed that although the Taliban are in power, “they are still an isolated and non-representative government.” “The Taliban’s policies continue to oppress women and girls, instead of addressing the economic crisis and the need for an inclusive government,” he said. (https://news.yahoo.com/norway-slams-afghan-taliban-edict-090437884.html) Norway hosted three days of talks in January between the Taliban, Western diplomats and other delegates at closed-door meetings in the snow-capped mountains above the Norwegian capital of Oslo. The Taliban decree, announced on Saturday, ordered all Afghan women to wear all-covering clothing in public, the traditional burqa, and threatened to punish their male relatives in cases of noncompliance. It evoked similar restrictions on women and other hard-line measures imposed by the Taliban during their previous, 1996-2001 rule of Afghanistan.

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