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Newsline: State Department silent on evacuation of Peace Corps employee who killed woman in Tanzania

Officials at the Peace Corps have for months been managing the fallout from revelations that an agency employee killed a woman in Africa in 2019 during a reckless driving spree that started after he went to a bar and picked up a sex worker. The federal agency’s top executive pledged to explore reforms and acknowledged the “pain, anger, and sadness” the incident had caused. Former Peace Corps volunteers rallied to support the deceased woman’s children, many saying they felt ashamed of their service. And the agency’s internal watchdog began quietly examining the former employee for a second time, looking into whether he has a history of hiring sex workers overseas. Meanwhile, another federal agency involved in what some have called the most shameful part of the incident — arranging for the man a medical evacuation that took place before Tanzanian authorities could charge him — has avoided nearly all scrutiny. Officials from the U.S. Department of State have declined to release any information about the fatal incident caused by John M. Peterson, who at the time was a high-ranking Peace Corps employee in Tanzania. The agency, in response to a Freedom of Information Act Request, recently said it did not have a single record showing internal communications about the case. Yet USA TODAY found agency staff have been closely involved, including helping arrange for Peterson’s departure from the country and investigating the incident alongside the Peace Corps Office of Inspector General. (https://news.yahoo.com/state-department-silent-evacuation-peace-150013870.html) Peace Corps CEO Carol Spahn, speaking about the process of ordering a medical evacuation for an overseas Peace Corps employee, said the State Department makes that call.

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