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Newsline: Kremlin says Russian diplomat who resigned is now ‘against us’

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov says that the Russian diplomat who resigned from his position and penned a letter publicly decrying the invasion of Ukraine is “no longer with us,” but “against us.” “Here we can only say that Mr. Bondarev is no longer with us, rather, he is against us,” said Peskov when asked of Bondarev’s resignation by CNN. (https://news.yahoo.com/kremlin-says-russian-diplomat-resigned-143517804.html) Bondarev’s condemnation was seen as unprecedented criticism of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by a Moscow official. Boris Bondarev, a Russian working with the United Nations in Geneva, sent in his resignation Monday, saying that he had “never been so ashamed” of his country as during the Ukrainian invasion. In his letter, Bondarev slammed the propagation of “lies and unprofessionalism” at Russia’s Foreign Ministry. The Kremlin has largely cracked down on anyone in Russia voicing dissent about the war in Ukraine or expressing sentiment that conflicts with the government’s version of events.

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