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Newsline: China threatens to downgrade ties with Israel after newspaper publishes Taiwan’s top diplomat interview

An interview with Taiwan’s foreign minister published in an Israeli newspaper has reportedly ruffled feathers in China. Jerusalem Post editor Yaakov Katz said he received a call from the Chinese embassy in Israel, insisting that his outlet take down the interview. “Didn’t take long. Got call from Chinese embassy. Apparently I’m supposed to take down the story or they will sever ties with the @Jerusalem_Post and downgrade relations with the State of Israel,” Katz tweeted shortly after the article was published. “Needless to say, story ain’t going anywhere.” In the interview, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu warned of the threat posed by China’s authoritarian regime. “When dealing with China, you should never accept preconditions because once you accept preconditions, you lose no matter what,” Wu said. “And when you worry about China getting angry and give in, or make pledges that you shouldn’t make concessions, China also wins.” He urged Israel not to worry about getting China upset, noting that “when they get upset at you, that means you are doing something right.” (https://www.foxnews.com/world/china-threatens-downgrade-ties-israel-newspaper-publishes-taiwan-interview) Taiwan remains a thorn in the side of Beijing, which regards the island nation as a renegade state. Fears of a possible invasion have mounted in recent months amid Russia’s brutal military invasion of Ukraine.

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