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Newsline: ‘Warmongers’ Projected on Side of U.S. Embassy Building in Moscow

A video displayed on the side of America’s diplomatic building in Moscow showed images of children killed in a separatist region of eastern Ukraine, as the projection said their blood was “on the hands of U.S. warmongers.” (https://www.newsweek.com/warmongers-projected-side-us-embassy-building-moscow-1712289) The grim video was cast on the U.S. embassy to coincide with Children’s Day, a June 1 holiday celebrated in former Soviet countries intended to honor youth and call out child abuse. Russian state media shared the video, which was displayed as Moscow seeks greater control over a region of eastern Ukraine and to drum up support for its war, now more than 3 months old. The video stated that the U.S. military “bears full responsibility for all the dead children of (Donbas),” according to state-run RIA Novosti news agency. The unnamed organizers of the stunt told state media they hoped the video would serve as a reminder of the U.S. military’s backing of Ukraine’s pro-Western government, which Russian officials have sought to depict as “Nazis.”

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