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Newsline: EU Ambassador dismisses Brexit plan as ‘Illegal and unrealistic’

Boris Johnson’s Protocol aimed at scrapping the Irish Sea checks border is “illegal”, the EU Ambassador to the UK, João de Almeida, has condemned. The new bill, introduced by Foreign Secretary Lizz Truss, was meant to address the DUP’s concerns around the Irish Sea border after they refused to share power with Sinn Fein in the Northern Ireland’s Assembly. To put an end to the political crisis, Secretary Truss put forward a bill that she said respects international law and addresses the DUP’s concerns. Speaking to Sky News, the EU Ambassador to the UK refuted that position. When asked about the UK’s chances of resolving the Northern Ireland conundrum, Mr De Almeidas said: “We remain very much committed to that. We want to find a way out. I’m afraid the government’s strike may be, probably, unfortunately, the road to nowhere. And we would like to avoid that. (https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/road-to-nowhere-eu-ambassador-shuts-down-boris-brexit-plan-as-illegal-and-unrealistic/ar-AAYSwhJ) Liz Truss came forward with a bill that would scrap the Irish Sea border and impose a system of lanes. Goods travelling from Great Britain to the EU would go through checks via the red line, while goods destined to Northern Ireland would go via the green line without checks. However, the EU has called the bill “illegal”, further exacerbating the Northern Ireland issue.

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