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Newsline: Senior Chinese diplomat tells UN expansion of Nato into the Asia-Pacific will stir up conflict

A senior Chinese diplomat has warned that the Asia-Pacific region would face turmoil and conflict if Nato was extended there. China’s envoy to the United Nations, Zhang Jun, said Nato had caused trouble “in different parts of the world”, and should learn a lesson from the ongoing Ukraine war. “Nato’s five eastward expansions after the Cold War have not only failed to make Europe securer, but also sowed the seed of conflict,” Zhang said in a UN Security Council briefing on Ukraine on Tuesday. “The kind of turmoil and conflict that are affecting parts of the world must not be allowed to happen in the Asia-Pacific.” (https://finance.yahoo.com/news/china-tells-un-expansion-nato-093000436.html) Zhang was speaking while Nato met in Madrid where the bloc is expected to release an updated strategic concept to replace the version adopted in 2010.

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