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Newsline: Ukrainian President dismisses controversial ambassador to Germany

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has dismissed his ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk, according to a decree published by the presidential chancellery. Melnyk became known for his repeated demands for more support from the German government, in the form of heavier weapons. Recently, Melnyk came under pressure for defending the Ukrainian nationalist leader Stepan Bandera, who led a group responsible for ethnic cleansing and the massacre of tens of thousands of Poles and Jews during World War II. Melnyk denied that Bandera was a mass murderer, saying he had been deliberately demonized by the Soviet Union, in comments during an interview. (https://www.rawstory.com/ukrainian-president-zelensky-dismisses-ambassador-to-germany-melnyk-2657639612/) The Israeli embassy accused Melnyk of “distorting historical facts, trivializing the Holocaust and insulting those who were murdered by Bandera and his people.” Ukraine’s ambassadors to Norway, the Czech Republic, Hungary and India were also dismissed, the decree said. It did not state why, or what the diplomats would do in the future.

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