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Newsline: South Korea envoy arrives in Japan on mission to mend ties

New South Korean Ambassador to Japan Yun Duk-min arrived at his posting Saturday with a mission to improve bilateral ties that have soured over wartime labor and other issues stemming from Japan’s colonial rule of Korea. “South Korea and Japan are the most important partners that share strategic benefits,” Yun told reporters at Tokyo’s Haneda airport. “I will do my best to build a future-oriented relationship between South Korea and Japan, based on our shared values.” (https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Japan-South-Korea-rift/South-Korea-ambassador-arrives-in-Japan-on-mission-to-mend-ties) Fluent in Japanese, Yun, 62, is a foreign policy expert who obtained a doctorate from Japan’s Keio University. He is expected to coordinate with Japan on behalf of his nation. South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin on Monday begins a three-day visit to Japan, his first since taking up the role. He will meet with Japanese counterpart Yoshimasa Hayashi Monday afternoon, according to the Japanese Foreign Ministry.

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