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Newsline: EU Envoy Endorses China’s ‘Peaceful Reunification’ With Taiwan

The European Union’s incoming ambassador to Beijing has struck a conciliatory tone by declaring the bloc’s support for China’s “peaceful reunification” with Taiwan, triggering displeasure in Taipei. “The EU does not advocate independence for Taiwan, but peaceful reunification,” Jorge Toledo, 57, told Spain’s La Vanguardia newspaper in an interview. “We believe there should be only one China, but in the event of a military invasion we have made it very clear that the EU, with the United States and its allies, will impose similar or even greater measures than we have now taken against Russia,” said Toledo, who is set to replace Frenchman Nicolas Chapuis as the EU’s ambassador to China. (https://www.newsweek.com/eu-china-taiwan-reunification-ambassador-jorge-toledo-1725869) The Spanish diplomat’s remarks about “one China” weren’t an obvious departure from the EU’s stated policy toward sensitive relations across the Taiwan Strait. However, his endorsement of “reunification”—phraseology favored by Beijing—added a new layer to the bloc’s otherwise cautious approach, which only promises to deepen economic ties with Taiwan while committing not to recognize the island’s statehood.

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