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Newsline: New US envoy to Australia scolds male reporter

Caroline Kennedy, the new US ambassador to Australia, called out a male reporter at an introductory press conference after landing at the Sydney airport. Ms Kennedy, 64, was taking questions from the media on Friday, who were talking over each other trying to grab her attention, when she shifted her focus to Ten News reporter Hugh Riminton. “Did you just talk over the woman?” the ambassador asked Mr Riminton, looking directly at him. She then immediately laughed it off before switching her focus to the other reporter. “I… I did,” Riminton responded, to which the ambassador replied: “Well, okay, she started.” While Rimington tweeted that it would be “only fair that I out myself”, he said in another tweet that “it turns out I started talking first”. “I had got out the words ‘It’s been…’ before my Channel 7 colleague began speaking. Press conferences – they’re a game of centimetres sometimes,” he added. (https://news.yahoo.com/us-envoy-australia-mock-scolds-102604047.html) The US Senate unanimously confirmed Ms Kennedy’s ambassadorship in May and she was sworn in on 10 June.

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