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Newsline: China’s ambassador to South Korea voices concern over US-led chip alliance as “external interference”

The Chinese ambassador to South Korea on Monday met a lawmaker there who has advocated a chip alliance with the US, Japan and Taiwan, in a sign that Beijing is stepping up its efforts to dissuade its neighbour from joining the US-initiated alliance. Ambassador Xing Haiming told Yang Hyang-ja, a Samsung Electronics executive-turned-lawmaker who is head of the Semiconductor Industry Special Committee, that China and Korea should “exclude external interference” when it comes to cooperation in the semiconductor industry, the Chinese Embassy in Seoul said in a statement on its WeChat social media account. (https://finance.yahoo.com/news/tech-war-chinas-ambassador-meets-093000876.html) In the statement Xing Haiming said that bilateral cooperation with South Korea in various fields over the past 30 years had achieved fruitful results, bringing benefits to the people of both countries. The meeting has taken place as China ramps up its rhetoric against US efforts to establish the Chip 4 Alliance, a partnership seen by Beijing as a plot by Washington to exclude China from semiconductor value chains. The US has been ramping up trade sanctions against China in recent years, banning US firms from exporting advanced technology to the country on national security grounds. Beijing is growing increasingly concerned about losing critical materials and equipment supplies, especially in the semiconductor industry, an area where it wants to create greater self-sufficiency. South Korea is a crucial supplier of memory chips for China and both South Korean memory chip giants Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix operate fabs in China.

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